An Introduction

Hello! (waves)

My name is Kat and I’m obsessed with books. I’m 31 years old and while I currently read mostly adult books, I also enjoy middle grade and some YA.

Most of the books that I read are Fantasy with some Sci-Fi and a few very rare contemporaries. Those who follow me over on instagram (@katsreadingcorner) will know that I love dragons! Give me a good dragon book and I will be a very happy bunny! I also enjoy necromancy books and think that there just aren’t enough of these (my favourite is the Sabriel series) and I also love dinosaur books.

I do try to do a set TBR each month, but I keep these small because I’m a big mood reader and if I’m in the mood for let’s say dragon books, that’s all I can read. I will also warn you now that I am a quick reader and I also listen to audiobooks on my work commute so I do manage to get through a lot of books each month.

I’m currently trying to clear out my owned TBR but if there are any new releases that you think I’ll love, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll check them out.


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